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Park Remark operates much like Waze, but for parking. Here’s a brief guide on how to use it effectively:

    Animated map pin showing free parking location
  1. Understanding the Concept:

    • Park Remark is a user-driven app that provides real-time data on parking enforcement and ticketing activity in your area. This data helps you make informed decisions about where to park to avoid fees.
  2. Viewing Recent Pins:

    • When you open the app, you’ll see pins on the map. These pins represent recent parking enforcement sightings and ticket incidents reported by other users.
      • Enforcement Pins: These indicate areas where parking enforcement officers have been spotted recently. A high density of such pins suggests active enforcement in the area.
      • Ticket Pins: These show locations where other drivers have recently received parking tickets. Frequent tickets in an area may indicate it’s a high-risk zone for parking fines.
      • Pay it forward: These show locations where other drivers have recently departed from a paid parking spot, and left time remaining on the meter. We like these people.
      • Parking Pins: These show where you recently parked. They are private, so only you can see them. You must be registered to use this feature
  3. Contributing to the Community:

    • Reporting Enforcement and Tickets: If you spot a parking enforcement officer, receive a ticket, or want to pay it forward you can report this on the app. Your contribution helps others make better parking choices.
    • Adding Details: When reporting, you can provide additional details, such as the time of sighting or any specific notes about the enforcement activity.
  4. Making Educated Parking Decisions:

    • Analyzing Pin Data: Use the information from the pins to assess the risk of parking in a particular area. Areas with recent enforcement activity or multiple tickets might be riskier.
    • Planning Your Parking: Choose to park in areas with fewer or no recent enforcement or ticket pins to reduce the likelihood of incurring parking fees.
  5. Staying Informed:

    • Keep the app open while driving to receive live updates on enforcement activity.
    • Regularly check the app before parking in unfamiliar areas.

By actively participating in the Park Remark community, you not only benefit from the shared information but also contribute to a collective effort to help drivers avoid unnecessary parking fees. Remember, each pin you add makes the whole system more effective for everyone.